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Leading Technology

Ankor constructs your message and supports your presence with proven and effective tech, from software platforms to data hosting and storage solutions.

Smarter Design

You’ve got the blink of an eye to make an emotional connection with your audience. Do it right you’ll gain their loyalty. Ankor’s designs work hard to look so good. You know, like you.

Savvy Strategy

Your  approach to communications will win you fans or leave people flustered. There’s not much in between. Ankor adopts your mission, values, and goals to structure effective communication pathways.

About Ankor

Ankor is experienced in developing custom solutions to meet clients’ needs across platforms. Ankor websites perform at the top because I’ll only deliver these 3 things to clients: Leading Technology, Smarter Visual Design, & Savvy Communications Strategy.


Greg Paul Lynn

Ankor has built web solutions for national non-profits and successful small businesses. Our projects sell awarding-winning coffee and deliver video-based courses to North America, Europe and Asia.

First and foremost, I’m a communicator. My communications education & experience translate into websites that work for you. I’m also a visual designer, and because presentation leads to quality perception, I design to impress & engage.


Kate Dickerson

I have a varied background in the creative arts, graphic design, and all aspects of marketing. My life has taken me from my Midwestern home all the way to China and back; from a music teacher to an international branding consultant. With a good balance of talent, experience and hard work, I can help ideas come to life. Above all, I enjoy bringing out the very best in the people I work with.

Our Method

Our method is both simple and highly effective: I make your mission my mission.
It’s the same for your vision and your values. By working as a committed member of your team, we infuse the core of your identity and goals throughout your project—from visual designs that reflect your personality to the unseen structural needs that go to work for you.

You've got a story, we make sure it sticks

Your story is one of your most valuable assets. It needs to be told so it sticks in people’s minds and on their hearts. Skilled writing and designing for the web gives you the stickiness you need!

We know how to take your story and craft it for the web so it engages your audience.

Non-Profits, Churches, & Ministries

You give your best to better the world around you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. We get it. You work hard to place your resources and people in the right positions to give you success.

We know your world from the inside, and we construct websites and digital solutions that fit your unique needs while working hard for your goals.


Ankor is a boutique creative studio offering a full line of digital, creative, and communications services.


Web Development

Graphic Design

Hosting Solutions

CRM Integration

Automated Marketing


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